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Youth Karate at Jinsendo

This program is designed especially for the young, attentive, and energetic. Classes will always be engaging, mixed with exercise, instruction, and instant feedback. The purpose of this program is to teach youth, ages 6 to 16, an authentic martial art of high quality, honor and integrity. Our Youth Program sets high standards and expectations providing a serious and enriching environment for youths to explore their unlimited potential. High teacher-to-student ratio allows us to maintain our elevated standards.



Our belt promotion system includes the following colors for kids: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black. Rank examinations are held every 3 months for those that qualify per Sensei Shimoji. 


Mon - Thurs 5:00pm - 5:45pm

Saturday 10:15am - 11:00am

View our full schedule here




My doctor recommended us to put our child into a martial arts program. Will your program provide what my doctor is talking about?

Each child is so unique, it’s very hard to definitively answer yes or no. Our recommendation is to observe a youth class and talk to the instructor to see if your child will benefit from this program.


My child is attentive and motivated, but not coordinated, will they fit in?

Your child is perfect for our Youth Program. We'll help to develop coordination through training.


Who will teach the courses?

Sensei Shimoji is the primary instructor and has established all class curriculums. He has over four decades of experience in martial arts and is the direct student of Hidetaka Nishiyama, the world-renowned teacher of Traditional Karate. Sensei Shimoji is also assisted by qualified black belt instructors at each class.


How often can my child test?

We offer examinations on a quarterly basis. Children must meet the minimum number of classes, have the required skill level for their rank, and receive approval from Sensei Shimoji.


Are there different colored belts for each rank?

We follow the traditional Japanese Kyu-rank system, starting with 9th Kyu descending down to 1st Kyu. Each kyu rank has a designated belt color.


My child has a blue belt from another system. Will his rank transfer to your school?

Once a student accrues enough class credits, he or she qualifies to take an evaluation exam to calibrate the students' equivalent rank in our system. We aim to maintain any rank progression a student has already achieved.


What makes your program different from others?

There are several key areas that we believe sets us apart from other schools:

  1. We focus on teaching each child based on their unique characteristics.

  2. Extrinsic motivation factors such as colored belts, competition medals, and the like are a distant second to developing and nurturing a child's genuine interest to learn a specialized art form such as Traditional Karate. We strive to foster a child's internal motivation.

  3. We teach fundamental body movement that combines mind, body, and spirit.

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